A Word From Mr. Kit


Yo. Kit here. That’s Mr. Kit to some of you.

Everyone around here’s been freaking out about the mild winter we’re having, then griping when it turns cold. I, for one, prefer the lower temps because I can now justify my winter weight. The other day a customer asked if I was expecting. Naturally, I clawed him.

So to come to the point of my post, your days of being able to use Kit Kash are numbered. The good news is you get one more day than usual to redeem your Kash because this is a leap year. The bad news: that still leaves only eight more days, including today. And we have a lot of new spring merchandise that customers and my staff alike have been oohing and aahing over, so I wouldn’t dally if I were you. July’s a long way off. (That’s the next time you’ll be able to spend Kit Kash.)

And another thing. It’s Kit Kash. Not kitty bucks, or kit katz, or cat cash. It’s two simple words: Kit Kash. Kit. Kash. Now get in here and love on me.


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