Hand Painted Sign: Analog Project in the Digital Age

Hand-painted signs, paradoxically, are a great way to stand out in this age of computer generated content.

They add charm to an otherwise mundane visual here's how to stand out!!

Step 1:
Print logo or text on a sheet of paper and secure it to the surface you wish to paint.
Tip: If you need your image to be larger than standard paper size, select the tile option in print dialogue box. You can also choose a large font size and print one letter per piece of paper. I like to tile the images because it keeps much of the image/text together and I don't have to measure for each individual letter.


Step 2:
Trace the outline of the printout. Metal burnisher tools work best, but you can use a pencil like I did here.



If you're burnishing on a rough surface, don't worry too much about how the trace looks on paper.

Step 3: Peel back one side of the printout and check to make sure your markings are visible.


Step 4: If you are burnishing on a dark surface like I did here, I like to go back and outline the burnished edges with a pencil so I'm not straining to see.


Step 5: Use an appropriate size brush to paint inside your outlines. If you're painting on a dark surface, don't worry too much about getting a good, clean edge the first go-round. You might just need a second coat of paint. If you're using latex paint, you can keep a wet rag handy for any slip-ups.


Step 6: Once you're finished, take a step back from your work. If there are any lines that need touching up, you can take note of that now and clean up whatever needs attention.


Happy Painting!


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