Landscape  Services



Trees -Annuals -Low Retaining Walls -Containers/Planters

Shrubs -Perennials -Walkways

Custom Edging (Metal, Stone, Concrete)



Weed -Prune Small Trees and Hedges -Fertilize -Mulching

Bed Edging -Topiaries -Containers



In-House Renderings/Plans

Certified Landscape Architect Drawing Upon Request


As a full-service garden center, Moore & Moore can help with a wide range of landscape projects. Call on us for landscape design and planting. Or for seasonal maintenance such as feeding, pruning, mulching, weeding, and more. Whether you need us once or on an ongoing basis, the experts at Moore & Moore can help.




House Calls

Yes, we make house calls! We offer a range of affordable, onsite services, including container planting, advice about what to plant, pest or disease assessment, advice on proper pruning, and accurate information on any gardening questions you have.

Call or email for a free consultation!



Our Guarantee

Our plants are guaranteed, pure and simple. They are of the finest quality and receive the finest care while in our garden center. So naturally, a few conditions apply, depending on whether you plant them or we plant them. This is a Tree & Shrub guarantee only.

1. When you plant them yourself

We provide a six-month guarantee. If a tree or shrub is defective or dies during the first six months after purchase, we will replace the plant or issue a store credit for the original purchase price. A few simple conditions apply:

  • Present your original receipt and the plant when asking for a replacement. If no receipt is presented, we can only give store credit

  • Plants installed into containers are not covered by this guarantee nor are the following: annuals, perennials, herbs, rhododendron, pieris, ornamental grasses, and marginally hardy plants (gardenia, loropetalum, indian hawthorne)

  • Plant damage caused by physical injury (e.g., by a weed eater, deer, or insects) or by extreme weather conditions beyond our control is not covered by this guarantee.

2. When we install them for you

We employ the best planting techniques based on years of experience and the quality of our plant material. We guarantee the trees and shrubs we provide and install in your landscape for one year. If a plant is defective or dies during the first year after planting, we will replace it FREE of charge, as long as the plant has been reasonably cared for and has not been adversely affected by events beyond our control. Our customers want their new plantings to succeed as much as we do. They almost always follow our care instructions and carefully monitor the progress of their plants. However, on rare occasions, we are unable to honor our guarantee. Specifically, Owner neglect, such as improper watering, untreated insect damage, or abuse from a lawn mower or weed eater can damage or even kill a plant. AND, events beyond anyone’s control, such as storm damage, abnormal freezing temperatures, hail, drought and other unavoidable disasters, can lead to plant death.


  • We will replace a guaranteed plant one time. There is no guarantee on the replacement plant.

  • We will replace a guaranteed plant FREE of charge. Our policy is not to refund labor fees or the cost of plant material at any time.

  • We will replace a guaranteed plant FREE of charge with the plant of your choice. If you choose a more expensive plant, you will be responsible only for the additional plant cost above what was previously paid.

  • We may want to view the defective or dead plant on site to determine the cause of the problem.

  • These plants are NOT covered by our guarantee: annuals, perennials, herbs, rhododendron, pieris, ornamental grasses, marginally hardy plants (gardenia, loropetalum, indian hawthorne), and plants installed in above-ground containers

We hope that the terms of our guarantee are clear and reasonable. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 615.662.8849.