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Meet Dave Mclaughlin

Hi, I am Dave, the Floor manager at Moore and Moore Garden Center.  I will be blogging from time to time and wanted to share a little about myself and what I do here at the Garden Center.

I am from a small town in northern Alabama called Rainsville.  Growing up I loved playing sports like baseball, football, basketball, and golf.  My first love was always baseball and I pursued it throughout college and beyond until an injury took me out of the game.  In my spare time, I played golf and did all things outdoors!  I have always loved being in nature.  From a young age on I helped my grandparents with their gardening/farming.  This love for the outdoors and plants started me thinking about a career in the turf/grass industry at an early age.  In high school, I helped get the ballfield ready before each game. It seemed like I was always working on the turf and I truly enjoyed it. 

Thus, beginning my unofficial start in the horticulture field. Since then I have taken a real interest in soil types, fertilizers, and plants.  I found myself studying to learn more about them.  After veering off of course for a while in the sales field, I decided to get serious about making this field a career choice.  It was at that point, I got my degree in Horticulture, with a background in turf and soils.  I haven’t looked back!  In fact, it has become a family thing because my wife and dog love the outdoors as much as I do. We try and spend as much time outdoors as possible, learning and exploring the environment around us.  

I have been employed with Moore and Moore Garden Center for the past 6 year+.  I truly enjoy helping the people I meet on a daily basis learn to care for and select plants to enhance their environment.  

I hope I can be helpful and shed a little light on the matter.  LOL!  Pun intended!  There is always something new to learn and I will try my best to share those things with you! ~Dave

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