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New Blogger: Megan

Hello! Some of you may already know me from the garden center or the awesome videos that Wendy produces, but I wanted to take a minute to formally introduce myself.

I grew up outside of Charlotte, NC and although I miss it terribly, I wouldn't change anything about our life now. We found a quirky house on a beautiful piece of property in Fairview, TN. My husband and I enjoy spending most Sundays in the yard working on our Eden.

I started loving plants as a child working with my mom in our yard and garden. She would let me pick out flowers to plant in the spring and totally blew my mind when we dug up the peanuts in the fall. All summer I thought those peanut plants were duds, then boom there they are....on the roots! In high school I joined the FFA and took every Agriculture related class I could. I went onto to a college program at Central Piedmont Community College where I just devoured every bit of information they could give my greedy mind. To say that I fell in love with Horticulture doesn't exactly do it justice. There is still a lot I don't know, but I will be happy to look it up and find out. It is the curiosity that keeps me going.

So I will be one the bloggers for Moore & Moore. I will do my best to convey my knowledge to you or learn right alongside you. Either way it will be written in this conversational style. I hated Research and Writing and just can't grasp writing in a methodical and clinical way. You can also check out my personal blog at . Also just come see us at the nursery!

Thanks for the Peanut diagram wikipedia!

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