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Our plants are guaranteed to be healthy and true to name. They are of the finest quality and receive top-notch care while in our garden center. So naturally, a few conditions apply, depending on whether you plant them or we plant them.

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Red Filigree Lace Japanese Maple ~ acer palmatum dissectum


The "Red Filigree Lace" Japanese maple belongs to the dissectum group of red maples, named for their highly divided, feathery leaves. This variety has leaves consisting of long, thin, highly dissected leaflets in a pinkish-red to purple color. This is a deciduous tree that has a broad but pendulous growth habit, with branches tending to droop toward the ground. It grows quite slowly, eventually reaching a height of about 4 or 5 feet with an equal spread. Its foliage is pinkish-red in spring, becomes darker purple in the summer and, as fall approaches, takes on a deep red or crimson color.


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