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Starting Seeds Indoors with Megan

Seed starting time is sow exciting! We already put some out in the front flower beds and this week we had some time between pottery shipments so I decided to start some tomatoes and carrots. Carrots are a cool season vegetable and it might still be a little early to direct sow outside. Plus this way I can keep a closer eye on them. I can always move the pot outside once the seeds germinate, then move them in if we are going to get really cold overnight. Tomatoes on the other hand are warm season and will need to stay indoors until after the threat of frost has passed. Our average last frost date is April 15th so we will just have to watch the weather to determine if it is truly safe then.

In this video I sowed the seeds into a closed flat, I like to do this because I can start more seeds in less space this way. You can also sow directly into the Jiffy pots that can be transplanted into the soil. It really just depends on what will work best in your growing situation. My seeds will have to be transplanted one time before being planted into the ground, so that is an extra step. We do recommend using a Seed Starting Mix. We featured Espoma's product and it was perfectly fluffy for those new delicate roots. The soil needs to be damp but not soggy and then you will want to maintain that level of moisture. I try to get the soil to the point where it will clump together but you can't wring out water when it is squeezed.

When sowing the seeds, make sure to check the package to see if the seeds need light to germinate or do they need to be covered lightly with soil? After sowing the seeds, place a dome lid on the tray to hold in the moisture. As the seeds begin to germinate you will need to monitor the moisture inside the dome more closely as there are diseases that can occur if the soil stays to wet. These diseases can be fatal to the delicate new seedlings. The first two leaves most seedings get are the cotyledons or seed leaves and will look different than the true leaves. Once you start seeing true leaves then you can keep the doom off the tray. When our seeds get to this point we will post another video about transplanting them.

Anytime you have questions about this topic or any other topic please contact us or stop by the store to get help. We enjoy being able to share what we have learned.


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